Self-service Ecosystem for Customers, Businesses, and Payment Channels


  • Find products, businesses, and services through the Trusted Network.
  • Search for products and services by Price, Rating, and other Crucial Parameters.
  • Participate in Merchant Loyalty Programs without disclosing personal and confidential information.
  • Understand Spend across products and services.
  • Receive Recommendations, Price Alerts, and Special Offers.
  • Connect with domain experts for Knowledge & Information on products, businesses, and services.


  • Collect Ratings and Reviews from customers on their ValiDeck verified purchases.
  • Run a powerful Loyalty Program, just with a payment cube and an Internet-ready terminal.
  • Understand customer satisfaction and loyalty via their Transaction History.
  • Push Targeted Ads to customers and business partners.
  • Set up Affiliate Programs with business partners.
  • Use ValiDeck APIs to optimize manufacturing, sales, and distribution processes.

Payment Channels

  • Earn royalty from memberships to Merchant Loyalty Programs.
  • Increase revenues from higher usage of payment cards.
  • Generate additional income from Value Added Products and services (e.g. Smart Wallet).
  • Earn revenues by offering professional services (e.g. market insights and data analytics).
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