How we Started

ValiDeck is an idea to make Internet search meaningful and trustworthy. It took shape in the year 2016 when we discovered that the vast majority of online reviews could not be trusted because they were submitted without authentication. To make reviews credible, we pursued a strategy and business plan of authenticating and validating reviews by connecting the review to the personal identity (phone number) of the submitter. However, it was soon discovered that this strategy would backfire in the backdrop of Europe’s GDPR directive being adopted across the world.

Internet users wanted a platform in which their personal and confidential data was protected from unauthorized useTo make this happen, we repurposed the tokenization standard that is widely used in the payment card industry and linked it to a loyalty program, that we called the Token-based Loyalty Program. In 2019, we submitted a PCT/International patent of this concept as a follow-up to our US patent containing the Smart Wallet invention. The PCT/International patent is at the heart of our business model. It powers the ValiDeck search engine and allows businesses to deliver superior customer service through market insights and merchant loyalty programs.

Our Mission

As the Internet becomes the pivot for most activities, customers, as well as governments are requiring that businesses adopt practices that minimize the storage and archival of personal data. The ValiDeck mission is to assist customers, businesses, and the government in this task by:

  • developing the hardware and software to authenticate customers and allow them to anonymously capture their transaction records and reviews in a centralized database;
  • providing customers the means to search the centralized database for products, businesses, and services endorsed by their trusted network; and
  • developing the hardware and software to allow businesses to run loyalty programs without requiring customers to acquire another co-branded card or share their personal and confidential information (e.g. email id / phone number).


Alok Narula

Alok Narula is the founder of ValiDeck International and an accomplished professional in the information technology (IT) domain. Alok has over two decades of IT experience in the leading technology companies of the world. In the past, he has worked with Broadcom, ST Microelectronics, and some startups. Alok’s passion is intellectual property (IP) creation and product development. He invented the Smart Wallet product and the Token-based Loyalty Program concept.

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